The Right Spot: Hong Kong’s Newest Urban Spa

This rainy weather is giving me the midweek blues. And, when I need an extra hand to get pass hump day I resort in treating myself to delicious comfort food or a good old massage. If you know me well, then you’ll know how obsessed I am with massages. Stanley Street in Lan Kwai Fong is the new home to Hong Kong’s newest urban spa: The Right Spot.

Reception Area.jpgReception Area

The Right Spot opened only a few weeks ago and already has had many great reviews. The interiors are filled with designer furniture (in a minimalistic setting) and an array of artwork by world-class artists hang on the walls and are available for sale. Pieces that are sold will be donated to a charity of the artists choice. For those who are looking for collectors items can also do so at your leisure. The place has a very New York Chic vibe to it. So those of you who’ve lived in New York will feel quite homey here.

Art Pieces For Sale & Charity .jpeg

Artwork displayed in the foot massage area

IMG_6839.JPGLove this cheeky display of their massage shirts that they offer to patrons who get a full body massage.

A pleasant and calming essential oil aroma fills the air as you walk into the reception area – a blend of bergamot, geranium, lavender and marjoram to be exact. (Yes – that’s the essential oil geek in me coming out). They stock products from the renown Como Shambhala which is under the Como Hotel & Resorts group. The scent that is diffused in the spa is called the “calm” blend which helps uplifts your mood while also washing away your daily impurities and stress. In the private massage rooms they have Penhaligon’s scented candles lit in all which are absolutely heavenly and allows you to relax for your spa experience.

Penhaligon's Scented Candle.jpegPenhaligon‘s Scented Candle

 I love getting lathered up in essential oils for my spa journey or getting a really firm massage but this time I opted for the latter because of all the knots and tension in my back. I was eager to see what the individual massage rooms would look like.

Minimalistic Massage Room

Each room is lightly dimmed and comes with your own set of Egyptian cotton towels (oh, fancy). That’s not all…


Each guest also gets a fresh set of slippers, undies, shorts, headband, #GOT KNOTS shirt and a heated eye pad (thoughful, eh?) to let you really melt into your massage bed and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Foot Massage Area.jpgFoot Massage Area

I didn’t get a foot massage this time round but it seems like the perfect place for one. Foot massage venues in Hong Kong are normally not very private and can get quite loud because of other patrons. However, The Right Spot strategically placed the seats in between curtains, therefore you can choose to block out everyone else and enjoy your foot massage in peace. Will have to book in a foot massage on my next visit.

Extra Services: If you’re like me and are always on the go, then their extra services may stand out to you as it did to me. They offer gourmet lunch and snacks catered by their F&B partner Locofama. Not only do they offer detox water for those who are wellness fanatics they also have herbal soup (my fave – yum!)

The Verdict: Their team is cordial and very professional. Clean and tidy. Affordable pricing for a luxurious experience. The private rooms are spacious and the foot massage area is spaced out well. The massage was better than I expected – my therapist, Ava, is a petite little lady, but she really hits all THE RIGHT SPOTs! This is the first time I’ve walked out of a massage without tightening up after a few hours. She truly got those knots out for good… well at least for a few days.

Tip #1 Since they are spanking new they are offering opening discounted packages. So book them before the discounts are over!

Tip #2 Which therapist to book? Try Ava! She’s amazing but I heard the other therapists are just as good but has different styles – I guess I’ll have to try them all to see for myself.

To check out their services and pricing click here.

The Right Spot
5/F, 20 Stanley Street

Whatsapp or Call: 6998-7768

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